1. During your stay at Magicperu Apart Hotel, we kindly ask you to please follow the rules and regulations outlined below.
  2. Lodging is charged per day. The first day begins at 11:00am and ends at 12:00am of the next day.
  3. If You need a day use rate, please request it during your reservation. The day use rate will allow you to stay up to 6 hours.
  4. If your rfeservation is not guaranteed by a letter of your company or agency, our recpetionist, during the check in, will request you a pre-payment through a credit/debit card or cash.
  5. Our checkout time is at 11:00am. You must not extend your stay unless You have previously requested it at the Front Desk and have also received a written confirmation.
  6. At check in, you must confirm the day and time of chekout to avoid an extra charge day.
  7. Your account must be cleared and Your bill must be settled upon checking out
  8. During your stay, you are not allowed to make excessive noise, bring animals to the Hotel, use your room for unlawful activities, damage the furniture  or any kind of disturbing the other guests. Otherwise, the cost of damage will be charged to your account at check out.
  9. People not registered are not permitted to stay in the romos overnight.
  10. You are fully responsable for the valuables that You keep inside or outside the room safety box during your stay.
  11. The Hotel is not responsable for damages or personal belongings and vehicles parked inside the Hotel.
  12. The Hotel is not responsable for damages caused by events out of control like Fire, earthquuake and other natural phenomena.
  13. The Hotel is not responsable for any ítems left behind by guests after 60 days since the checkout date.
  14. It is forbidden to take the towels out of the room.
  15. The breakfast will be served from 06:00am until 09:00am.
  16. The guest must leave the Hotel key when leaving the room. For housekeeping service, the keys must be leaved in tghe Front Desk before 12:00noon. Otherwise, no housekeeping will be done.
  17. Every visitng guest will be registered. The visiting guest could stay in the designated áreas without charge. Should the visiting guest get into a room, a fee will be charged.
  18. It is absolutely forbidden to smoke inside the rooms. However, You can do it in the designated áreas. If You don’t comply  with this rule, a fine of us$ 100.oo (one hundred u.s. dollars) will be charged toi the guest for the smoke cleaning inside the room.
  19. For any kinf of suggestions, inquires or complaints, please call to the attention of the Front Desk personel on duty who will take care of your issue.
  20. The Hotel reserves the right to ask You to leave the Hotel in case You don’t comply with these rules.



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