All You need know before coming to Peru.

  • 2. VISAS
  • 3. CUSTOMS


1.1. Why is so secure and reliable This Website?

This site has SSL Certificate (Secure Sockets Layer). This certificate support us with a great tool, a big protection, a functional software which allows a secure connection between your browser and our web server. In this case, between your browser and the website magicperu.biz. You can notice this through two clear and necesary signals.

1. The place where is shown the yellow lock may vary according to which broser You are using. The yellow lock (in windows OS) is the symbol that you are in a secure site and you can also chekc any pop up window to see the certification. This is common used in the online stores and banks' websites.

It is important to state that THAT ICON is showed by Your OPERATION SYSTEM (Windows, Mac, whatever.). If you are in a not secure (of course not reliable) site, your Operation System will not display any lock, and, might warn you (depending on the security settings and version of your O.S.) that Your are in a Dangerous site.

2. The address in the bar starts with https and not a simple http. The "s" makes the difference. It means that you are in a secure site.

It would be hard to talk about "encryptations", "algorythms" and another technical concepts to explain the features of SSL and how does it work. The most important thing You MUST realize is 2 facts: The YELLOW LOCK (yellow in windows O.S) displayed in your window (or gray lock in Mac) and the https:// at the beginning of the web address. Make sure that those two things are displayed.

You don't need write httpS to see our site. Just type www.magicperu.biz and you'll be redirected to our secure site.


2.1. Do I need any kind of visa to visit Peru?

2.2. What about the Touristic Visa?
2.3. What if I want to stay longer in Peru?

Depending on the kind of visa and the country you come from, according to following chart:

BUSINESS VISA . All countries without excemption need business visa valid for a maximum of 90 days. The consul will request to the applicant a valid passport, the travel ticketa and a document issued by the Chambers of Commerce of both countries and also documents issued by the commerce institutions of the origin country, indicating the business competence of the applicant.

STUDENT VISA . All countries without excemption need student visa valid for a maximum of 90 days. The consul will request to the applicant a valid passport and a letter issued by the Peruvian Educational Institution where the applicant will study.

TRANSIT VISA . No country needs this kind of visa. The transit stay in Peru is two days.

TOURIST VISA . The following countries DO NOT NEED Tourist Visa to come to Peru.

América del Sur: Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, Surinam y Guyana.

North America : U.S.A. and Canada.

Central America and The Caribbean: Antigua & Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Belice, Dominica, Granada, Haiti, Jamaica, República Dominicana, San Cristóbal y Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent & The Granadines, Trinidad & Tobago.

Europe: Andorra, Austria, Bélgica, Bielorrusia, Bulgaria, Chipre, Croacia, Dinamarca, Eslovaquia, Eslovenia, España, Estonia, Federación Rusa, Finlandia, Francia, UK, Irlanda del Norte, Germany, Grecia, Hungría, Irlandia, Islandia, Italia, Letonia, Liechtenstein, Lituania, Luxemburgo, Macedonia, Moldavia, Malta. Mónaco, Noruega, Países Bajos, Polonia, Portugal, República Checa, San Marino, Santa Sede (El Vaticano), Serbia y Montenegro, Sweden, Suiza and Ukraine.

Africa: Southafrica.

Asia: Brunei Darussalam, Philippines, Indonesia, Israel , Japan, Malasia, Corea, Singapur, Tailandia, Taiwan and Hong-Kong.

Oceania: Australia, Fiji, Islas Cook, Islas Marshall, Islas Salomon, Kiribati, Micronesia, Nauru, Niue, Nueva Zelandia, Palao, Papua Nueva Guinea, Samoa, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu.

Nationals from these countries only need to bring to Peru a valid passport at least for the length of the trip, a round ticket and verified travel support.

The Nationals not included in this list need apply for a Tourist Visa by contacting any Peruvian Consulate within your area, because the requirements and fees may vary between the countries of origin.

For u.s. resident travellers, here are the equierements.
* Must fill the visa form.
* Attach the passport and American visa or residence.
* Round trip ticket or booking to Peru.
* One passport photo. Copy of your bank statement.
* Fee is $ 30.00, paid in cash or money order on the name of Consulate of Peru.
* If the request is made by mail, a pre-paid envelope (courier service) with name and address should be included.

If you need extend the VISA, be prepared with the following:
* Printed F-004 form (free).
* Receipt of payment for processing, aprox. us$ 8.oo
* Receipt of payment from the Banco de la Nación for Migration status change USD$200.oo or $300.oo according to the specific case. (Payment upon Approval of Action)
* Annual Immigration fee US $ 20.00
* Valid passport and embarkation/disembarkation card or valid identification card from Immigration.
* International Exchange File
Change of Temporary Visa Status $ 50.00 (Payment upon Approval of Action)

3.1. What kind of items can I enter to Peru without paying tax duties?
3.2. What kind of baggage can I enter paying the taxes?
3.3. What kind of products are restricted or forbidden to enter to Peru?

3.1. What kind of items can I enter to Peru without paying tax duties?


Article 4º.- The following items are exempted from custom duties:

a) Clothing items that are obviously for use by the traveler.
b) Toiletry articles attributable to the traveler.
c) Objects for personal use and adornment.
d) One portable electric hair dryer or brush.
e) One electric shaver.
f) One photographic camera and up to five (05) rolls of film.
g) One film or video-cassette camera, providing it is not for professional use, and up to five (05) rolls or cassettes of film.
h) Phonographic records, magnetic tapes, compact discs or cassettes, up to a total maximum of ten (10) units.
i) Five (5) cassettes for videorecorder.
j) One portable electronic calculator.
k) Medication for personal use.
l) Books, magazines and documents in general.
m) Up to twenty (20) packets of cigarettes or fifty (50) cigars or 250 grams of shredded or threaded tobacco for smoking.
n) Up to three (3) liters of liquor.
ñ) Up to THREE HUNDRED U.S. DOLLARS (US$ 300.00) worth in miscellaneous articles for use or consumption by the traveler, or for gifts that by their quantity, nature and variety are presumed not destined for commercial use and providing the value per article does not exceed ONE HUNDRED U.S. DOLLARS (US$$100.00). o) One portable mechanical, electric or electronic typewriter.
p) One portable wind or string musical instrument.
q) One radio receiver, or one radiorecorder or one recorder, or one cassette player, or one tape player or record/disc player (conventional or compact disc), or one stereo system containing these items, providing it is PORTABLE with its own source of power (CC or CC-CA).
r) Suitcases, bags and other vessels of common use containing the objects that constitute the traveler's baggage.
s) The objects declared as baggage at the time of exit from the country and that are included in a TEMPORARY EXIT DECLARATION.
t) One live domestic animal as mascot; providing the corresponding sanitation regulations are met and that it arrives as accompanied baggage.
u) One personal, portable computer, wth its own power source, providing it arrives as accompanied baggage, as stipulated by SUPREME DECREE N° 027 - 2001 - EF !New!

In the case of travelers who are sick or have impediments, also included as baggage will be those auxiliary means and equipment necessary for their mobilization (wheelchairs, stretchers, crutches and others).

The entry of items detailed in articles m) and n) above will not be permitted to minors under the age of 18.

Simplify and facilitate the checking and control of new or used articles that the traveler carries with him, providing they are obviously for use and consumption according to the purpose and duration of the visit and providing that by their quantity they are presumed to not be for commercial use.

a) Accompanied Baggage Sworn Declaration duly signed (whether or not baggage is exempt from duties).
b) Passport or official document issued by the pertinent institution. Note: Travelers who carry with them animals, plants, and any byproducts of these, are under obligation to present the corresponding sanitary certificates of origin, and submit the items to customs and health authorities on arrival in the country.

3.2. What kind of baggage can I enter paying taxes?
Passengers may enter other items not appearing in the foregoing list (DVD player, video game, computer, car radio, electric guitar, etc.) if their value does not exceed US$1 000,00 (One Thousand US Dollars) per trip and up to a maximum of US$3 000,00 (Three Thousand US Dollars) per calendar year, paying a flat rate of 20% on the CIF value, provided that due to their quantity it may be presumed that they will not be traded. A detailed list of the said items must be included in Item 3 hereof.

The Non-Resident traveller can enter temporarily, duty free, for the time of the stay in Peru up tp 12 months and previous presentation of the TEMPORARY EXIT DECLARATION, the goods and equipment for the developement of activities as follows, related to the Sports of ADVENTURE:
Delta Wing.
Submarine Hunt.
Water Ski.
Snow Ski.
Flora and fauna Observation.
Wind Surf.

The non-rsident Traveller can enter temporarily duty free for the time of the stay in Peru, up to 12 months, the following goods able to be identified:

* The goods for proffessional use to achieve the News Agencies accomplishments, foreign journalists and information broadcast media representatives. They must be recognized by the Peruvian Foreign Affairs Ministery (Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores).

* The sports articles required for competitions organized by the government institutions or recognized by the Instituto Peruano del Deporte (Peruvian Sports Institute).

3.3. What kind of products are restricted or forbidden to enter to Peru?


a) Animal by-products (meat, skin, hair, bones) and agricultural products (plants, seeds, fruits, flowers, etc.) must have the pertinent certificates and the authorizations issued by the National Agriculture Health Service – SENASA.

b) Wild products must have the required authorization issued by the National Institute of Natural Resources - INRENA-CITES.

c) All foreign beverages denominated "PISCO" will be confiscated.

d) It is forbidden to take ou of Peru archeological pieces as wll as flora or fauna items.

Failure to declare these items when entering or leaving the country may result in administrative and criminal sanctions.

More Information : http://www.aduanet.gob.pe/orientacAduana/equipaje/ds016-2006.htm Check the CUSTOMS INFORMATION LINK.


4.1. What is the Currency in Peru? Can I exchange my local currency there?

The Currency in Peru is called Nuevo Sol "S/." or just "SOL" . Its Equivalent to u.s. depends on the daily exchange rates. In Peru we have money exchange stores who work with us dollars, euros, yens. It is very hard to find other currencies. For this, we highly suggest you to exchange your money to us dollars or euros before comming to Peru.

Please, DO NOT exchange on the street. Even when rthe rate could be more convenient, all foreign people are usually cheated. Specially if youd can not recognize the fake bills.


The next webpage will help you to calculate the rates among currencies:


4.2. Can I use my Credit/Debit Card in Peru?

Many commerces, business accept credit/debir card in Peru, specially the ones prepared for touristic services. The most accepted are almost in the following order: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners. Some businesses (restaurants, stores), use to charge an additional 6 or 7% if you want to pay with your credit card. Only few of them, not all.

5.1. What about the HIGH SICKNESS?
5.2. Which vaccines do I need before going to Peru?
5.3. How is the weather in Peru?
5.4. What kind of clothes and other accesories should bring with me?


5.1. What about the HIGH SICKNESS?
It is well known as "soroche". Some people say that this is psycologic, which IS NOT TRUE. Of course the nood influences but if you prepare yourself with enthusiasm, with energy, without fears, with lemon candies, coramine, a lot! of liquid like coca mate, everything will be OK. Upon arriving to a high altitude city (Andes), we suggest to stay one day for acclimatation. If somebody has heart disease, please check in with the Doctor.

5.2. Which vaccines do I need before going to Peru?
The Vaccine agains the Yellow fever is mandatory if you are going to the Peruvian Jungle. There are recommendable vaccines agains the malaria, tetans, hepatitis A & B, etcetera. The Vaccine agains the Yellow fever is acvailable in the Clinica de Sanidad Aérea in the Internacional Airport "Jorge Chavez" in Lima, Peru, National/Domestic Arrivals area.

5.3. How is the weather in Peru?
Peru has great variety in weather depending on the region and the season. Inthe Coast, between 27°C and 21°C during the day on sun seasons which is between november and march. In the North of Peru we can reach 30°C and in the Jungleen (Pucallpa) up to 38°C during the day. On cold times (between april and november) the lowest temperatures reach 12°C in Lima y a 2°C, 0°C y -2°C in cities like Puno, Cusco and Huancayo which belongs to the Andes. You can check extended Info about the weather in all Peru on the following link: http://www.senamhi.gob.pe/popup.php?obj=usr/dma/bol-turi.htm.

5.4. What kind of clothes and other accesories should bring with me?
We suggest you to bring clothes for winter and summer, specially for the 18 days tour. Add a sunblock factor 20 minimum to your sun clothes. Add an umbrella for the impredictable rain in the Andes. The clothes for cold will be useful for the Andes cities (Cuzco y Puno) even when during the day you can have a very nice sunny day. For the High sickness, bring lemon candies and a small lipstick to avoid the ldry lipps. If you are going to the jungle, don't forget the repelente against mosquitos, sunblock factor 20 and a long shirt.

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5.1. How do I make my payment to ensure my reservation?

5.2. Is there a way to pay online and how secure is it?

5.1. How do I make my payment to ensure my reservation?

* Bank Transfer is the one you make bank to bank. You need the routing number of the receipient bank. In Peru the banks work with SWIFT. There are fees charged by the bank who send and by the bank who receives. That ammount we will charge to your voucher if you use this method.


How much does it cost a bank transfer? Considering from USA to Peru:

Transfer us$ 1,000 from Bank Of America (USA) to Interbank (Perú)
Fees to consider:
Comision of Bank Of America : us $ 45.oo
Comision of Interbank Perú : us $ 18.oo


* Money Send, via MoneyGramm, Western Union, can reach the money receiver in 10 minutes. From USA, for sending one thousand us dollars, the fee is us$ 9.90 in MoneyGramm.

* Bank Deposit is convenient for whoever lives or stay in Peru. Just deposit the package ammount to our Account Number. After this, please send us an email (from your inbox or from our contact form), telling us about the deposited ammount, the number of the operation and the Banking Office or Branch where you made the deposit. The Offices, branchs, have a code.


5.2. Is there a way to pay online and how secure is it?

The ONLINE PAYMENT is made through the Internet.

An interesting option is XOOM. Visit www.xoom.com specially for u.s. citizens who can send money to Peru at a lower cost through a checking account.


There are a lot of internet services like Moneybookers for citizens from outside the USA. Visit ww.moneybookers.com.


You may choose the payment method more convenient and comfortable for you.

The Payment you will make is Absolutely Secure. The SSL Certificates are active in the banks sites, inthe gateway payment processors, in our server provider, everywhere.

PAYPAL. Used by over a million people. You don't need to have an account with Paypal to make payments.

When you are decided to make a reservation, you tell us and we will send you an e-Voucher with the ammount to pay and all details. You'll see link PAY NOW. You click ther and you'll be redirected to the Paplal interface. If you have an account there, you can enter and pay with your account. Otherwise you can pay with your credit card! You'll be offered both options.

We accept these kind of online payments through the Paypal Interface. So, if you don't have a paypal account to pay with your credit/debit card.

8.1. About TIPPING. How does it work in Peru?

The tipping is optional if you feel that you have received a good service. Usually, the servers of the several touristic services (Hotels, restaurants) are forbidden to ask for a tip. If you are surprised, please report to the Tour Conductor in charge to take actions.

MAGICPERU.BIZ does not expect any tips from their guests. The Best Tip for us will be YOUR SATISFACTION of having really enjoyed your exceptional stay in Peru, the desire of recommending to your friends to travel with Magicperu.biz, making reality our slogan: More than a service an Enchant.

8.2. How secure is Peru?

Like everywhere in the world, you should take basic precautions valid for any country. We suggest:
a) Follow the instructions of the Tour Conductor.
b) Be informed about dangerous places and avoid going there.
c) Do not exchange money inthe street even when the street sellers have uniforms, vests or tags.
d) Do not take services from street people out of the Tour.
e) Take a guaranteed taxi. You get them through phone calls. They can also be parked on tghe entrances of the several touristic services.
f) Do not carry a lot of money, jewerly or other valious object for You.

The Peruvian Tourism Police have many representative branchs throughout the country. The Info we can give is very extended. Upion your arrival we will give you the useful information.

Please, check the next link, available only in spanish:

8.3. To Whom May I Complain?

In case of camplaints for not given or bad services, you can call to IPERU, 24/7 al phone: 01-574-8000. IPERU has also many representative branchs throughout the country. Check: http://www.peru.info/s_ftoiperu.asp


If you have a question that we should include here, please write us to doris@magicperu.biz.

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