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The Seducing Southbound

You'll feel tyhe magic o Peru, overflying the enigmatic Nazca Lines, observing one of the deepest canyon of the world, the Colca, the majestic condor flight, sailing on the highest lake of gthe world exploring the floatant islands, at over 4,000 metters of altitude. Then, visiting Machu Picchu, one of the 7 wonders of the modern world and other archeological spots of the old Empire City, Cuzco, and also trying our typical food.







The Misterious North

Besides of the landscapes beauty of Cajamarca and the "Callejon de Huaylas", the North involves the mistery of the new discovery, the Lady of Cao, which together with the luxury of the Lord of Sipan, the sofisticated Chimu Orfebery and the enigmatic Chavin, will inlvolve you on a prehispanic environement.






For those who want to chellenge our rough geography, we have a selection of recommended trekkins guided properly by expert mountain people who will contribute to make your most memmorable exprience.




The Magic Jungle

The jungle trips have everything: conventional and relaxed tours, sailings in "canoas" (typical boats, embarcations), long trekkin, history, mythes, legends and advneture. Come to discover the variety of the flora and fauna. 




You don't like the inflexibiity of our featured packges? so Build Your Pack and customize your trip. Prepare the itinerary, the excursions you care for and other inquires, send to us and we will evaluate to define how possible is to make it.

18 days



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