Ñusta Nativa (Inés Oropeza Crisóstomo de Vivanco)

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Who Was Ñusta Nativa?

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Ñusta Nativa
ÑUSTA NATIVA (Inés Oropeza Crisóstomo de Vivanco) has been singings singing since she was 16.

She was one of the first performers of the Andean Typical Music in Lima, the capital of Perú, in a time when the national folklore was missunderstood and unapreciated by the capital population.

By the 40's particpated in many radio shows and night boats, where always presented a vernacular performer every night.

By the 50's she funded WIRAKOCHA. It was a band to accompany Ñusta Nativa in several presentations, including festivals and radio & TV shows, throughout Lima and the inner cities.

Conjunto Wirakoche de ñusta Nativa
Ñusta Nativa and WIRAKOCHA were pioneers of the Folk Music TV. This TV station is the most ancient in Perú and belongs to the Govern. (Televisión Nacional del Perú). For those years also, recorded many singles in 45 and 78 r.p.m. which restauration are in process. All this background made her to travel to Argentina, Chile and Bolivia to show her perfromance.

By the 50's, also called the GOLD TIMES OF OUR FOLKLORE, the capital was turned into the new scenary for the andean folk music, as a consequence of the inner inmigrants who show their art, their culture, their music, in order to preserve their costumes and traditions.


Ñusta Nativa y Alejandro Vivanco Canal 11 anõs 70Ñusta Nativ apionera TV color Peru

By that time, Ñusta Nativa join the PACHAMAMA Company, created and directed by ALEJANDRO VIVANCO GUERRA, the most important antropologyst and folklore music researcher.

Want to listen the samples or Buy Now the CD?, go to A VOICE.

Ñusta Nativa Palmas Magisteriales PeruLater on Ñusta married him and of course, continued the musical activity on the TV, Radio and several theaters.

On 1989, Ñusta Nativa got the PALMAS MAGISTERIALES in the MASTER DEGREE, probably the most important prize gotten from a Government Institution.

Her las years she was still singing and promoting the compositions of ALEJANDRO VIVANCO and other composers and also tries to extend her repertoire to latinoamerican composers.


She died on september 5th. 2011.

UNA VOZ PARA TODOS LOS TIEMPOS (A voice for all times) is the end of a large process started on the year 2000. Now, a lot of songs belonging to the Classical Andean Repertoire are almost UNKNOWN. Why...? Fashions, marketing, we don't really know... or maybe the lack of well trained singers to afford this kind of songs? It's not only a question of register. But... doesn't matter because in the last years also we are living such a kind of "remakes" or "re-releases" in all the human expressions.

Jams de la Cruz Arbildo
Due to the musical value of these tunes, we decided to record them again. The first steps concerned the listening of old records of 33, 45 & 78 rpm. because we wanted to rescue some kind of style but at the same time... a touch of modernism without loosing the ANDEAN FEELING and the PENTAPHONY, typical of our music.

Mr. JAMS DE LA CRUZ ARBILDO was the responsable of all this work, writing scores, arrangements, searching a good studio and so on.



Ñusta Nativa Ñusta Nativa en el club Las Garzas

We really appreciate the participation of MASTERS of the Andean Music.
Without them this work would be still frozen. They are:


Leoncio Rúa violín Perú Adrián Huamán guitarra Perú



Ñusta Nativa was co-founder of the PACHAMAMA Company during the golden times of teh peruvian folk music. The fifties.

Ñusta Nativa died on September 05th. 2011.


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