These are the Terms and Conditions of the touristic services provided by DORIS DELGADO TRAVEL & REPS. PERU SRL Ltda., MAGICPERU as commercial name, called from now on THE AGENCY and the perso or pesons who purchase the touristic services provided by THE AGENCY, called from now on THE GUEST.

1. THE GUEST, before purchasing the touristic services provided by THE AGENCY, will be accepting automatically the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy as follows:

2. The pictures shown in this website tries to graphic, to illustrate, to give an idea about the quality of the service expected, but they do not represent the exact place. Even though, the service will be under conditions which will be communicated previously to THE GUEST, according to the selected tour pack, to the number of travellers (in case is a group), etc. In few words, the pictures or photographies are referencial only.

3. The pictures containing natural facts, including but not limited to animals, plants, flora and fauna in general, mountains, landscapes, snow scenaries, clear weather, will be appreciated only if the weather conditions allow THE GUEST and THE AGENCY to carry it out.

4. THE AGENCY will give several touristic services called TOUR PACKAGE.

5. When THE GUEST is ready and able to purchase any service from THE AGENCY, THE AGENCY will communicate to THE GUEST by email, telephone, fax or othr way, the final price to be paid (with deadline) and the service details included through a document called CONTRACT. THE GUEST will also receive the details for the payment like bank account number, VISA payment link, etc.

6. To make a reservation of a TOUR PACKAGE, THE GUEST will pay the 100% of the total ammount in order to get success with the reservations (bookings), at the latest thirty (30) days before starting with the service.

It's very important for the THE GUEST to be VERY SURE about making this purchase because there is NOT REFUND of the money at all.

7. THE AGENCY will inform about other fees or payments which will not be charged directly from THE AGENCY to THE GUEST, but THE GUEST must know it in order to avoid surprises or hidden fees inquires. Examples: Airport taxes, animal transportations, etc.

8. The payments will be made by bank deposit or with VISA card through a secure payment link.

9. It's the GUEST's responsability to notify to THE AGENCY about the payment, through telephone, Whatsapp or email, always attaching the deposit voucher or any payment confirmation document.

THE AGENCY is not responsible for not receiving the confirmation payment due a systems breakdowns or other reasons, even if the payment was made before the deadline.

If THE GUEST needs "FACTURA" (receipt for tax deduction), it's necessary to provide the RUC (Tax ID Number) and other important details before completing the purchase.

Everytime, THE AGENCY, upon receiving the payments, will send a respective Confirmation Message with relevant details. This is the only one way to close the sale completely.

The foreigner travelers could be exempted of the sales taxes (IGV) if meet the necessary requierements according to the peruvian laws.

10. THE AGENCY must accomplish with the CONTRACT, but reserves the right, and at its sole discretion, to change, cut, modify, replace any visit or cancel it, due to situations that may affect to the welfare of THE GUEST. These situations include, but are not limited to, weather, clouds, strong rains, eartquakes and other natural phenomena, as well as social and political phenomena like, and not limited to, revolutions, locks out, sports events, unforeseen events like vehicular congestion transportation breakdowns and so on.

11. THE AGENCY does not guarantee the reimburse or chargeback, neither total, nor partial, as a result of the items 7 and 10, either if the problems arises up upon initiated the tour or during the development of teh TOUR PACKAGE.

12. THE AGENCY will not be responsible for the itineraries changes about the services out of control of THE AGENCY, like airline flights, train or buses transportation schedules and so on.

13. Before purchasing a TOUR PACKAGE, THE AGENCY will be able to solve all the doubts THE GUEST may have regarding the TOUR PACKAGE, so THE GUEST aknowledges about the purchased services with their conditions and limitations, and they will not be object of complaint.

14. THE GUEST or the Assistant of THE GUEST is responsible for the own medications. THE AGENCY will provide facilities to achieve a porper medical care if available during the development of the TOUR PACKAGE.

15. To acomplish with the item 14, it's necessary that THE GUEST requeststo THE AGENCY some kind of facilities for medical care issues and it's also necessary to be accepted by THE AGENCY.

THE AGENCY could deny a request due to the difficulties to comply with.

16. In case of claims or dislikes, THE GUEST must review this page or THE CONTRACT and the attached TOUR PACKAGE program in order to encounter the points of the problem. The first instance will be the Tour Conductor of the city where THE GUEST is at that time. The problem must be related to that city.

17. THE AGENCY is not responsible for the lost of personal belongings of THE GUEST.

18. The practice of ski, sand board, canoying, jet-ski, water motorcycles, tubulares, are considered high risk practices. Behalf on that, THE AGENCY is not responsible for the accidents suffered by THE GUEST as a result of these practices including the death.

19. THE GUEST aknowledges that has to be punctual on the indicated places, to start, continue or finish the activites of every day according to THE CONTRACT. Must carry on the Passport or a Government Picture ID of their respective country, as well as the implements needed for the activities like dress for cold, medicines, enough money and other things. Otherwise,THE GUEST will lose theh 100% of the paid amount, will miss the tour and there will not be a refund.


There is not refund por cancelling a TOUR PACKAGE purchase. Please, refer to item 6.



20. The personal information saved on the data base of the agency are confidentials and will not be given to third parties.

21. THE AGENCY reserves the right, and at its sole discretion, to send emails not often, about special sales or campaigns done by THE AGENCY.

22. The personal data like passport number, ID citizen number will be asked only after the confirmation of the reservation (bookings) of the service specified in the CONTRACT, after paying the 100% of the total ammount, as specified in the item 6. of the Terms and Conditions.

23. THE AGENCY, after receiving the payment, will send an email to THE GUEST, attaching a voucher with the payment details, and a FORM which must be filled up propperly.

24. THE GUEST will have many options to send back the filled up form, fax or like attachment on the contact page of Magicperu.biz. If THE GUEST goes for email, THE AGENCY highly recommend the Digital Signature.

25. Many of the pictures are shown in this website under the license of PROMPERU, MAGICPERU or other owners. It is forbidden the public distribtion of them.

26. THE GUEST gives authorization to THE AGENCY to use free of charge images, voice, video footage, sound bites and testimonials on several media, either printed, audiovisual, digital or other, to promote the business activities of THE AGENCY. This authorization has long term.

This usage will have discretion in order to keep the good honor of THE GUEST, who can request, orally or by other simple communication, to stop the publishing.

Anyway, THE AGENCY works under the peruvian and international laws.



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