Amazing Peru Title18 days

Machu Picchu, Nacional Reserve of Manu, Colca Canyon, Takile, Amantani and Uros floating islands in Puno, Nazca Lines, The Lady of Cao and The Lord of Sipan. Caral (The Most ancient city of America), Lima and more.


DAY 1 Reception. LIMA City Tour.
DAY 2 TRUJILLO-Chanchan-Huanchaco.
DAY 3 Lady of Cao, Lord of Sipán.
DAY 5 ICA-Ballestas, Huacachina Oasis.
DAY 6 Cantayoq and NAZCA LINES.
DAY 7 AREQUIPA-Colca canyon
DAY 8 Colca and return to AREQUIPA.
DAY 9 PUNO-Sillustani ruins.

DAY 10 PUNO-Titkaka lake, Floating islands.
DAY 11 PUNO-Takile island-CUZCO.
DAY 12 CUZCO-Sacred Valley circuit.
DAY 13 CUZCO-Machu Picchu.
DAY 14 CUZCO-MANU National Reserve.
DAY 16 MANU-return toCUZCO.
DAY 17 CUZCO-LIMA. Shopping.
DAY 18 Farewell. Flights.
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Main square Lima
Recepcion and Welcome to our guests. Picking up from the Lima International Airport "Jorge Chavez". Transfer to Hotel. American Breakfast. City Tour.

For many people, Lima is not only he capital but also the syntesis of Peru. Besides the typical touristic circuits, Lima offers a particular scenary for urban living tourism. Lima gather citizens from all the country, with different idiosincrasies, traditions, customs, dialects, etc. that live along (or in conflict) with the Modern Lima. Here is easy to find the most unbelievable cultural "mixings".

Colonial Lima : Tour to the Historical Center of Lima , declared in 1992 Cultural Heritage of the Humanity by UNESCO. We will see the typical buildings of this zone like the Gobern, Archbishop and Municipal Palaces, streets with colonial mansions, moris style balcons, etc. We will get into the Monumental Convent of San Francisco, which have the biggest collection of Colonial Art in America. Then, the Cathcombs (Catacumbas) which are underground crypts.


Iglesia de San Francisco Palcio arzobispal de Lima

Modern Lima: Residential zones of Lima like El Golf, El Olivar and Larco Mar, well known as the "Lima Bayside ". Buffette Lunch. Tour to the MUSEO DE ORO Y ARMAS DEL PERU, (Gold and Arms Museum of Peru), which houses a private collection of the founder Miguel Mujica Gallo. We will see gold objects of Chimu, Mochica, Lambayeque, Vicus, Nazca, Frias, Huari e Inka Cultures. The Section of Armas contains samples of several arms used in the world, such as guns, spades and uniforms. Return to Hotel. Break.

vaso de oro cántaro de oro tumi de oro


(*) Fotos de ©Promperú.






The North of Peru is full of Mistery and cultural richness.


American Breakfast. Transfer to the International Airport "Jorge Chávez" to take the flight LIMA-TRUJILLO, capital of LA LIBERTAD. Transfer to Hotel. Accomodation.


Short visit to the city. Museum in situ and CHAN CHAN, the biggest adobe prehispanic city and the second one of the world. Visit to the Huanchaco spa, where you will see the "caballitos de totora", typical pre-inka rafts.


chanchan old city chan chan city

01:00pm. Typico Lunch: Cabrito a la norteña.


02:00pm. Tour to the TEMPLES OF THE SUN AND THE MOON (Huacas del Sol y La Luna) in Moche. The Temple of the Sun was a political and administrative center and the Temple of the Moon was a ceremonial center. We will see reliefs and mural paintings concerning the "Dios Degollador" (Head cutter God). According to the found vestiges, it is though that here there were human sacrifices with religious purposes. The monumental quality, the forms and original colors of this buildings, make think about a very complex ideology of the past, full of unsolved misteries.


Dragon temple Moon Temple

05:00pm. City tour: Main Square, Cathedral, colonial houses, Alameda del Recreo, Muralla perimetral, Handicrafts Fair. Return to Hotel.


Main Square Trujillo Marinera dance in Truijillo


© Fotos: (*) Chanchan: Promperú; Caballitos de Totora: Carlos Sala, Huaca de La Luna: Michael Twedle. Todas bajo licencia de PROMPERÚ. (**) DORIS DLGADO TRAVEL & REPS. PERÚ.






Cao Lady
Continuing the Northbound route, let's go to discover the Mistery of the Lady of Cao and appreciate the impressive jewerly of the Lor d of Sipan and the high silver/gold work of CHIMU.

Breakfast. Transfer to the Archeological Place "El Brujo" to see the vestiges of the last and surprising discovery: THE LADY OF CAO, a mummy in excelent conservation statement. It seems that had a mistic feature because the body was full of tatoos of spiders and snakes.


It is supposed that she had political,magic and religious power because she was found wearing a trousseau containing gold and silver. She had crowns, hoops, nose rings, collars and "cetros". Ancient: 1700 years. This discovery was made thanks to the valious support of the Wiese Foundation. As a matter of fact, the Woman would have been gobernant in the old Peru before the Inkas.


The archeologists rebuilt about 15 pearl collars. The found jewerly was finally worked in quartz, silver and alloys of gold and cooper. All thgis discovery make thinnk about the elite political position of the Lady. It is to also realize on the sofisticated Moche Culture.



ENGLISH VERSION in National Geographic website:

Lord of Sipan Peru
Transfer to LAMBAYEQUE city. Excursion to Huaca Rajada to see the LORD OF SIPAN. Visit to the Real Tombs. In 1987, thanks to the grat efforts ofl Dr. Walter Alva, the world became aware about the discovery of 3 tombs of gobernants with with semi-divine character, because of the ornaments found there.

The impressive feature of this discovery is the real fact. The painting of objects in the murals were not anymore product of imagination, but realiity. Several clothings, utensiles, textile objects, ceramics, jewels, etc. many of them worked in gold, bronze and precious stones were restored and studied.


Also it was made DNA tests to know about some features of these gobernants, like age, physical appereance, genetic details, etc. This is the most important archeological discovery of the 20th. century together with the discovery of Tutan Camon in Egypt.


Typical Lunch. Return to Trujillo. Overnight.

Fotos: (*) Aníbal Solimano-PROMPERÚ. (**) National Geographic.





CARAL: The oldest high civilization af America.


Typical Breakfast in Trujillo: FRITO. Departure from Trujillo to the South. On the way we will get LUNCH and visit CARAL.


Caral ruins
CARAL height was between 3000 and 1500 B.C. Pacific and expert in arquitechctonic constructions which are being studied. It is located in the North Coast of Peru, at 182 Km. from Lima. Area: aprox. 66 has.

It containts 32 arquitechtonic sets of several magnitude and function. So far, seven pyramid buildings have been identified and some temples, urban zones, public squares, amphitheaters, stores, altars, streets and so on.

This discovery make us think that the first pyramids in the world were constructed in Peru 5000 years B.C. Behalf of that, Peru has ben considered worldwide, as one of the civilization focuses a together with Egypto, Mesopotamia, China, India and Mesoamerica. More Info about Caral:


Continuing the Southbound, crossing by Lima, we arrive to Pisco Bay in ICA by midnight. Accomodation in the Hotel in Paracas. Overnight.






ICA: Ecological Paradaise, Black roots Folk, good food and liquor.
The ENIGMA of the Nazca Lines.


Visit to the National Reserve of Paracas. Transfer to the Dock "El Chaco" (Marina) to take the raft and sail to the Ballestas Island. We will see sea wolves, guano birds, flamingos, piqueros, zarcillos and the misterious Cathedral. AFTER this visit, we will get the BREAKFAST in front of the sea. Then we will take a rest in a touristic restaurant by the dock "El Chaco".


Cathedral Rock in Paracas Marine wolves in Paracas


The Paracas Culture was developed between the II y VII centuries B.C. They practiced a high technoly textil work, shown in their famous "mantos" (such a kind of blankets). They were also great surgeons because they practiced the Cranium Trepanation.

winery Chincha Peru PIsco sour


Transfer to CHINCHA city for a Wine tasting in a featured wineyard where is made the best wine of Peru, as well as our national liquor: The PISCO.

The PISCO is a type of brandy distilled from grapes grown in the warm and sunny regions of Peru.The ¨PISCO is the base for the preparation of our National Cocktail: The Pisco Sour.

The Pisco Quebranta type is the most recommendable for the Pisco Sour, then we have a lot of varieties using other kinds of pisco (Italy, acholado, atc.) and different proportion in the other ingredients.


Typical Lunch : Manchapecho, dry soup and a complimentary Pisco sour.


Huacachina lagoon Peru
Transfer to the Huacachina Small Lake, a true Oasis suroounded by dunes in Ica city. According to Mrs. Angela Perotti, an italian inmigrant, its waters have healing effects.

This Oasis brings up a Legend about one beautiful lady who became mermaid. The Ica habitants state that this mermaid shows up frequently to capture any visitor. Chance for riding in "tubulares" or making some sandboard.


Transfer to NAZCA. Arrival and Overnight.






Nazca Lines Peru
High Technology :
The Famous Nazca Lines and the Pre-Hispanic Aqueducts of Cantayoq.

Continental Breakfast.
Visit to the Aqueducts of Cantayoq. Then, you will fly over the enigmatics Nazca Lines. The Height of the Nazca Culture was between the years 300 B.C. and 700 A.C.

These Lines concern one of the big ENIGMAS of the Pre-Inka Culture. They were studied by the Doctor María Reiche. One theory said that it was an Astronomic Calendar.


What is very well known, according to the science, is that those lines and trapeziums were made so perfect (in mathematic precision), that the only on way to do it is FROM ABOVE. (See right picture). We believe that the old Nazcas knew a technic to fly or elevate?


During the oveflight you will see the following figures: The Whale, several triangles and trpeziums,the hands, the tree, the parrot, the astronaut, the monkey, the condor, the hummingbird, the spider, the dog and the alcatraz of 285 meters of length. Also, if the weather allows, you'll see the White Mountain, the highest dune of the world-2076 above the sea.


plane for overflight nazca lines overflight nazca lines peru

FLYING OVER the Nazca Lines will remain in your memory forever. It's included in the Package. You will need high contrast films for better quality of pictures.


LUNCH after this exciting experience. Trip to AREQUIPA city. Overnight in the bus comfort.






AREQUIPA: The deepest Canyons of the World and small towns well appreciated for their Hospitality and the religious fervour.


06:00 Breakfast. Short tour to the white city of Arequipa ans then, excursion to COLCA, actually the 2nd. deepest of the world (3180 meters of deep). The deepest of the world isl Cotahuasi located in the same city, but the difference between the deep of both canyons are very tight.


This first day we will go through the Natiobnal Reserve of Vicugnas of Aguada Blanca, Patapampa, El Mirador de Volcanes, arriving to Chivay town, capital of Caylloma Province. Arrival at noon. Accomodation in the Hotel.


vicunas reserve peru colca canyon peru


13:00 Typical Lunch: Alpaca Beefsteack. In the afternoon, visit to the town and its HOT BATHS of "La Calera". View of typical female dress.


Night time: We go to a Folk Show with Dinner included. We will see the typical female clothing.

© Foto (*) PROMPERÚ.





Oportunity to see the Majestic Flight of the CONDOR, the King of the Andes.


06:00 Continental Breakfast. Early morning we will go to the "Cruz del Cóndor", aproximately 1200 meters of deep. You will see the condor flying or planning?. Then, visit to the typical towns of Yanque, Achoma, Maca, etc. Visit to the impressive andenería pre-inka, scale models of stones, hanging tombs, etc.



01:00pm. Buffette Lunch. Transfer to Arequipa and OVERNIGHT.








PUNO: Folk Capital of America in the High Plateau and Cradle of the TIWANAKU Culture.

Breakfast. Trip to PUNO. On the 4 hours way, we will see the Natinal reserve of Salinas and Aguada Blanca, Pampa Cañahuaz, Mirador Carlitos, alpacas crossing, stones forests "Huayllay", small lakes, etc.


Lunch on board. Arrival to Puno. Overnight.


PUNO is the Folkloric Capital of America, at 3860 meters above the sea level, in a aozne called High Plateau, partially borded by the Titikaka Lake, which works as a connection with Bolivia (old Alto Peru). The High Civilization of TIWANAKU was developed here. Antropologysts and Musicologysts have found the practice of about four hundred folk dances (400). The most populars are: the diablada, the pandilla, the morenada and the tuntuna. It is said that the zamponhas (pan flutes) have the origin here.


Evil dance diablada peru Sillustani Chullpas Peru

Tour to the Famous SILLUSTANI CHULLPAS. These were pre-inka tombs. This is a chellenge to the Gravity because the upper circle diameter is bigger than the low one. Dinner. Overnight in the Hotel.


© Fotos: (*) Carlos Sala-PROMPERÚ.






And NOW, it's the time to sail on the Sacred Lake of The Inkas, which houses the Uros Islands and y 2 paradaise islands: the dream place TAKILE and AMANTANI with its magical SUNRISE.


Breakfast. Transfer to the Marina to take a raft sailing on the Titikaka Lake , the highest of the world, at 3815 meters over the sea level.


This day (DAY 10) we will visit the UROS ISLAND and the DAY 11 Amantani and Takile, in that order. There are about 40 FLOATING ISLANDS which surface is made with TOTORA. The totora is like a kind of rush, grown in the marsh zones of Southamerica.


The Uros island was declared Cultural Heritage of the Humanity by UNESCO.


Totora balsa Puno Peru Uros island Puno Peru

We will continue our high plateau route to the enchant island of AMANTANI.


It's a good chance to make some Living Tourism because we will OVERNIGHT in a house of one the habitants of AMANTANI. We will enjoy with their typical dances.


©Fotos. Balsa:Pilar Olivares, bajo licencia de PROMPERÚ.
(**) Isla Flotante de los Uros: DORIS DELGADO TRAVEL & REPS. PERÚ.






The Dawn in AMANTANI will be a flash back for all your life. In the dream place of TAKILE you will be seduced by the textile quality of the clothes.


Breakfast. Take a picture of the sunrise in Amantani. Step by step we are going back to PUNO city.


sunrise AMnatani island Puno Perutextil work Takile Puno Peru

Takile island Puno Peru
The next is a FULL DAY EXCURSION, going around the Titikaka Lake, we will reach the dream Island of TAKILE. A great lunch is waiting for you in a warm restaurant.

is located at 45km. (28 miles) East of Puno. Takile and Amantani are considered touristical Paradaises, full of enchant, misticism, fantasy, where the time stop.

There, the habitants keep their customs, their way of life, and keep also harmony with the Pachamama (Mother Land).

Their textile handricrafts are compared with the old egyptian ones. In 2005, the Textile Art of Takile was recognized as Master Work of the Oral and not material Heritage of the Humanity by UNESCO.


textil art Takile textil work Takile


Sofisticated textil work Takile Peru

The above picture belongs to "El Comercio" (peruvian journal) and the intention is to ilustrate the sofisticated technic of the Takile Textil Art. More Info in spanish only.


Arrival to PUNO and trip to Cuzco.


On the way we will see many towns and ladscapes, flocks of alpacas, stones forests of Tinajani and so on. Arrival to Cuzco. Transfer to Ollantaytambo town. Dinner and Overnight.


©Fotos. (*) Takile: Carlos Sala, bajo licencia de PROMPERÚ. (*) Tejedora: Diario El Comercio. Revista ARTE # 4. (***) DORIS DELGADO TRAVEL & REPS. PERÚ.
(**) Tejedora 2: Editora Perú.





Cuzco riteCUZCO: Archeological Capital of America. Here is MACHU PICCHU, the lost city of The Inkas.

In Cuzco we will find constructions in stone which survived to the Spanish Conquest. The History goes from the XII century, when the first Inka, Manco Capac, folllowing the instructions of INTI (The Sun God), fund this city (CUZCO) to make it Capital of the Inka Empire. Located at 3360 meters over the sea level, is the Center of the Andean World. As a matter of fact, many speciualists on Misticism, Esoterism, consider Cuzco as a strategic place in the world.


06:00AM. We will pariticpate in a Inka root RITE, called RITE TO THE "APU UHNU", with a specialist Proffessor. The objective is to Fortify the Spirit. Breakfast.


Ollantaytampu fort PeruThe tour circuit of Sacred Valley concerns the Fort of OLLANTAYTAMBO, the handicrafters town of PISAQ (where you can buy handicrafts), Calca, Urubamba and the SACRED VALLEY OF THE INKAS. Buffette Lunch in Urubamba town.

Ollantaytambo was a strategic militar, religious and agricultural center. The originalk style of the buildings make it different. It is said that it was a militar fort to protect the Inka Empire.

Ollantaytambo stayed on the population memory thanks to the Theatral Piece "Ollantay" which is represented since the times of the Inka Pachakuti. The Play talk about an inmpossible love between the Genral Ollantay and Cusi Coyllur, the daughter of the Inka Pachakuti. They can not hold a romance for belonging to a different social classes.


THE HANDICRAFTER TOWN OF PISAQ is well appreciated for its colonial church and the traditional Sunday Fair. The Sunday Marketplace gather many handworkers to offer their handicrafts in clothes, pans, vessels, Pucara Bulls and silver jewerly. NOTE: The visit to the Pisaq Ruins requires longer time.


PIsaq Pisaq ruins

Sacred valley of the inkas
The SACRED VALLEY OF THE INKAS is called like this because of the SACRED feature shown sincle long time ago. This is one of the most fertile valles in all Peru. Tghis valley is suitable for the practice of adventures sports like Kayac in the Urubamba river, andeanism (climbing), trekkin, parapent and so on.

We will go the to the shore of the Urubamba river to practice some sport fishing of TRUCHAS.


08pm. We move to the town of AGUAS CALIENTES, where is located our World Marvel, Machu Picchu. Trip in Backpacker class train. OVERNIGHT at the feet of Machu Picchu.






Click here to see more pictures of Machu Picchu.


On 2007 Machu Picchu was declared one of the 7 wonders of the new world.
How? Check here.


FULL DAY EXCURSION to MACHU PICCHU. Lunch in a typical touristic restaurant in Aguas Calientes. Visit to the Town. Optional: Hot Baths of Aguas Calientes. Overnight.


View of Machu Picchu marvel


MACHU PICCHU was shown to the World in 1911 by Hiram Bingham, but the name of Machu Picchu was given by Melchor Arteaga, the guide of Bingham. For some scientifics, it was a monastery to educate women. For others, it was like a mausoleum to keep the Inka mummy.



These are just two among many hypothesis about he function of this citu. In general, this sanctuary (3rd. hypothesis) was divided in 2 sector: Agricultural and Urban.


It contains temples, palaces, houses, stores and overall buildings which accomplished religious ceremonial functions. One of the misteries is the construction in stone. The union between them without cement or any kind of glue. Las squares, aqueducts, the vigilance tower, the solar clock, among other vestiges, is a big testimonial of the high tecnology of the Inkas. More pics of Machu Picchu.





macaw ManuMANU: A World full of exotic animals and plants.

The NATIONAL PARK OF MANU has 1'532,806 has. This is one of the biggest nature areas of the tropical region in the World.

Declared by UNESCO as Natural Heritage of the Humanity in 1977 and in 1997 became Biosphere World Reserve because houses one of the major varieties of flora and fauna species. For example, just 10% of the world vegetable is in this Reserve.

Also, many medidicnal plantas were discovered here and there are many projects and researchs about these plants.

05:00am. We leave AGUAS CALIENTES and go to OLLANTAYTAMBO, then to Paucartambo, declared Cultural Heritage of the Humanity by UNESCO. This year, Discovery Channel came to make a documentary about the "Fiesta de la Virgen del Carmen" (Virgin Carmen Festivity). Continental Breakfast . Tour to the MANU NATIONAL RESERVE . Departure in special vehicle.


Paucartambo town Manu Peru
On the way we will have some STOPS to take pictures to the animals and to the natives wearing their colour typical vests.

Visit to the town of Paucartambo. Good oportnity to make a 4 hour trekkin to experience the local habitat and see many flora species.

Taxi-Lama: Upon arrival to the southest point of MANU, we will have the chance to ride a LAMA like a Taxi. Chance to learn something about the Andean Culture. These Lamas became helpers to go down from the Andes to the Manu Forest within 30 seconds.


Lodge Manubuitre Manu


If you wanna see many birds, these taxi-lamas are the best riding experience.


Bicicle: Coordinationg with the tour guides, we could ride a bike to continue the trip trrough a challenging road to arrive to the Reserve Forest.


room in lodge Manu dining room lodge manu female child in canoa Peru jungle


NOTE: You can take a taxi-lama and then continue in bike. Helmets will be given. We will arrive to the LODGE, to have a relaxing night in the balcon in situ.


©Fotos. (*) Guacamayo: H. Plenge Niña en canoa: M. del Solar bajo licencia de PROMPERÚ.




Second day of this passional explore.


Gallito de las rocas peruvian bird sunsrise Manu


Madre de Dios River ManuWe will go through the Tropical Jungle of lush and cloudy rainforest. Begins ffrom 11,000 feet of altitude to 5,000 covering all the slopes of the Andes before arriving to the Low Jungle of the Amazonas. This is the kingdom of the mosses, lichens, orchids and ferns. We will go to a plataform to see the Gallito de las Rocas, (Little roaster of the rocks) our National Animal (Rupicola peruvianis) . Return to the LODGE for a succulent Breakfast.


Then we will go through the Watcher Road seeing a cloudy rainforest. This is a good oportunity to try and see wool monkeys, emerald toucans, torrent ducks, red crest cotingas, fly hunters, the blue crown motmot, the golden head quetzal and the amazonic umbrella bird.


roncoso peruvian animal

In the afternoon you can ret a bike and explore through a rough road. It's a chance to see brunnette and green oropendolas, mountain caciques and a variety of plants, flowers, insects and butterflies.


Optional tour in raft to the Qosnipata river. Visitors of all ages can enjoy 3 hours of these axciting lessons.


The LUNCH is served along the river walk (on the way). Early inthe afternoon, return to the LODGE.


canoying Manu

Whoever don't attend this excursion, can go for a mountain bike to accompain the group or just explore through a rough road suface (NO PAVING). Good chance to see the species mentioned above as wll as a a variety of plants, flowers, insects and butterflies.









Early morning, walking to the Waterfalls. On the way you will see a cloudy and lush Rainforest and river streams. A Typical lunch based on barbecue is waiting for you on a exotic natural place. You will also enjoy a Splash on the crystal waters nearby. Afternoon, turn to Cuzco. Hotel.

Manu river lodge Manu Group





This time, be prepared to enjoy the handicrafts, souvenirs shopping and the Night Life.


Breakfast. Flight to Lima. Aprox. 1h.30min. Arrival and transport to Hotel.


Shopping Tour. Visit to Larcomar, well known as the "Peruvian Bayside". Farwell LUNCH. Handicarfts and souvenirs Market tour. Return to Hotel.


Lima Bayside Larcomar handicraft Peru handicraft Peru

Before the Dinner, let us show you part of the ROMANTIC LIMA in the town of Barranco. This place was a source of inspiration for many poets and writers. You will see the Puente de los Suspiros (Bridge of the breathing/supply).


Suspiros  bridge  Peru Suspiros bridge Barranco


There are many pubs and restaurants to offer he best of the Peruvian creole cuisine like como Anticuchos, Picarones, Rachi, Pancitas, Mollejas, previous Pisco Sour.


OPTIONAL Farwell Dinner. Tour to Miraflores town, close to Barranco, to see the Boulevard San Ramon, well known as "The Pizzas street", very popular palce to enjoy the NIGHT LIFE LIMA, where you find a lot of pizza bars, cocktail bars, restaurants and dance clubs playing all kind of music.


Peña Peru

Special Invitation
to a touristic PEÑA. The PEÑA es the place for fun during the peruvian nights. It is like a Restaurant-Bar-Disco, all in one place. There you'll enjoy the best of the peruvian dishes, peruvian cocktailes and appreciate our most representative typical dances from our 3 regions: Coast, Andes and Jungle.


Return to Hotel.







From now on, we start the arrangings for you flight. We know that you should be in the Airport 3 hours before. According to your itineraries, we will schedule transportations accordingly.

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